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Why is it, oh my most dominating muse, oh Kysherin the all-powerful, most glorious and magnificent dread lady of the story realm, that whenever I get myself some down time you have to prick me?!
Not only have I tormented poor Obi-Wan (and poor Jay and poor Aliana and poor Eilyssa and poor Galahad and poor Katharynna Palathion) in various ways in my stories, but now I’ve had an attack of the Plot Bunnies. Not to mention those dreaded Typo Turkeys (who only attack when you’re in a hurry, but when they do attack, watch out.) All those poor teenagers. Whenever Kysherin comes along, they suffer. She’s a sadist. Hurry someone! Call Gaius, Arthur’s having growing pains! What would happen if Hunith had sent Merlin to Camelot a few years before she did? Honestly, I don’t really want to find out. I think it would border on Jedi Apprentice, BBC style, only instead of Bruck Chun (who is intolerable enough) we have Arthur, and Merlin (*cough cough where has Kenobi hidden himself this time?! cough*) is supposed to… oh, never mind, you should know the rest, and if you don’t… http://merlin.wikia.com/wiki/The_Dragon%27s_Call there.
But anyway, now that Camp Nano is done and everyone’s headed home, and the first ‘book’ so to speak of “The Hero’s Dream” is nearly complete, and I am conveniently placed at a crossroads, so to speak, I have had an attack of those pesky Plot Bunnies. Now, my dad (good old Uther! Whoops, never mind) would simply pull out his BB gun and have at them. But I’m not my father. So I have to pick and choose.
The first of these bunnies… well, it was a THIRD alternate ending to my first AU I ever tried my hand at in Star Wars. The second was a Merlin/Star Wars crossover (which led to another plot bunny, in which Morgana develops feelings for Obi-Wan, who is completely oblivious. Whoop.), the third, a sort of Avengers-style multi-story coalition of heroes (Star Wars, Merlin, Redwall, “A Wrinkle in Time,” Unite!) involves the heroes of the stories fighting all the villains. Did you know that Merlin likes Form VI: Niman (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Form_VI:_Niman) best? No, neither did I. I suppose that in theory, any hybrid style could be called Niman, but where’s the fun in that? I’d much rather say that Obi-Wan uses Soresu generally, Ataru to move around, and an occasional preference for Shien. Back to my main rant. The fourth plot bunny… is a Star Wars AU that involves a completely (and intentionally) disorienting opening sequence, which would BLOW YOUR MIND most likely. I think it’s among my favorites of the ideas I’ve had recently. And I won’t say any more, because it MIGHT just wind up posted here. NO SPOILERS!
Why does everyone love reveals so much? Reveals of Luke Skywalker’s parentage, reveals (to Ahsoka) that Anakin had been a slave, reveals of Merlin’s magic. I guess it’s catching… because there are probably a lot more to come, in “The Hero’s Dream”, and elsewhere, as Siri discovers more about her mysterious rescuer, Obi-Wan discovers the truth about who he is (remember, he barely remembers his mother!), Padme finds it in herself that she can be Queen after all, Qui-Gon seeks truth in general, and Sidious is just plain mean. (Yes, Iris, I did check out the song “Mean” by Taylor Swift. It’s pretty good, and you, my beloved readers, should check it out– why on earth aren’t there any Palpatine/Obi-Wan or Palpatine/Padme or Palpatine/Anakin music videos with this one?!… but I still like Heather Dale better. No offense to anyone, but I’m more a Celtic music lover than a country fan.)
Oh, and for those of you who know your lightsaber styles… in the above-mention Avengers-style story, Merlin’s fighting style is partly classic Niman, with the Shien defense and a slight leaning towards Makashi– in this fic, his best friends (Arthur, of course! and Obi-Wan) are both proficient swordsmen, so he would be pretty good himself, even if Arthur denies it.
Sorry about the long and involved (random) rant, but that’s what a blog is for, right? It’s like a diary that no one has to read if they don’t want to, and you can classify things not only by date, but by subject… which is complete awesomeness…
Well, if I’ve tormented you enough, then let’s just go to bed now… if you can still sleep without being tormented by those sadistic plot bunnies. *cue evil laugh*
–Erin Kalana Kenobi II, Apprentice Historian of the Jedi Order