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Today, I had a run-in with insanity in general. And not the good kind– which is, by the way, my normal state of mind– but the mundane, tear-my-hair-out, forms-and-social-security-number kind. Yes, insanity exists in levels. Why do you ask? *shifty eyes*
The first level of insanity, and in my mind the best type, is the sort that risks public censure but gives rise to wonderful results, such as creativity and amazing stories. All but the privileged who suffer from this form of insanity have a tendency to underestimate it, and mock those who participate in it, or stare in awe at them. They don’t really understand us, and as such they feel the need to either make fun of us, or to gawk.

The second level is what some people call the creative “zone.” Have you ever run into a National Novel Writing Month participant who does 5,000 words or so on the first day alone? They’ve found their groove. You never want to interrupt someone in this level. It’s just plain not a good idea. You’re probably going to get snapped at, or worse, have something thrown at you.
The other class (NOT level!) of insanity is the kind where you don’t have any inspiration, no stories going on, and as a result you can’t even enjoy everyday life. And then all the mundane little things– like paperwork, and forms that have to be filled out, and legal addendums and driver’s licenses– catch up to you, and you just want to tear your hair out. Why does insanity have to be so… man (or woman)-of-the-world? Because I know I’m definitely not.
Also, there’s just one more thing to note… There’s a difference between going crazy and being crazy. Going crazy is when you bounce off the walls. Being crazy is when you stay up until 10 p.m. to finish a story. ;-P