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This is my commentary in verse on Vietnam, and the people’s response to it, and the military’s response as well. In my opinion, Vietnam was one of the saddest moments in our history, and this poem is dedicated to our military and those who support it, especially the numerous military families across the nation who now struggle to put food on the table, due to cuts in military spending. I know I am voicing an opinion that may be unpopular with some of my readers, but the military is important, even in peacetime, and there are other parts of the budget that are not so crucial, but are getting more attention than the Department of Defense.

This poem was written for those who died in Vietnam, and those who still struggle to cope with the things that they saw and did there. If any of you out there believe in the power of prayer, I would ask that you pray for our military, the active members, the reservists, and the retired all three today. They certainly need all our prayers. Thank you in advance.


When we were going off to war

They handed us bouquets before

We stepped on board the plane

That took us away to our new corps.

Now they send paper flowers stained blood-red,

As if we didn’t know the dead

By face, by voice, by name

The ones who’ll never come home again.

They really think we do not care,

They think we didn’t see hell’s mouth open there,

And sorrow taught us how to fear–

They’d cry too, if they’d been here.