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All right, I admit it, I’m guilty. I’m guilty of wallowing in philosophical “stuff” and dark lullabies. Such as this one and this one. And, as always, my wallowing has results.

So basically, this was supposed to be a “nightmare poem,” or at least that’s how it started out– just a jumble of words and dark imagery. But, I am a Christian (Roman Catholic to be precise đŸ˜‰ ) and Christians are Just. Not. Pessimists! Instead, we believe in hope. đŸ˜‰ And my innate hopefulness has come across into this poem, I think. So, instead of a poem about my twisted writer’s mentality, this is basically a poem about hope.

Black Ashes

Rose petals fall

Into dark water

The earth’s bosom opens

Beckon me home

Fearful the wolves howl

Into the black wind

Gray ash borne on the wind

Black ash borne on the cold, cold wind

One candle gutters

Its light choked by ash

Ashes and ashes fall like snow

Acid rain melts the stone and the ashes grow damp

Here in the darkness, where nothing can grow.

The fire is burned of roses,

The ashes petaled roses,

The nightmare black is roses,

And each rose bears ten thorns.

The way is paved with roses,

The path cushioned by black roses,

The tears fall petaled roses,

The unwary find the thorns.

Black fire heats the earth’s heart

The fire that lights up nothing

Obscured in smoke and ashes,

The beacon to deceive.

The earth spits rock and ashes,

Mud pooled boils in the pits,

Lava mixed with ashes,

The black and dreary smoke.

Wrath and ruin favor

Their own greedy endeavor

Their lightless flames devour

All that was done and said.

Yet they waste their own fodder,

As boundless the sea water,

And rising from the ashes,

Hope rises from the dead.

In the end despair devours

Itself and can not continue on.

Yet hope will always spring anew

Even when all hope seemed gone.

And, for the record… I think that the song “Safe and Sound” is the saddest one I’ve ever heard. Seriously, that lullaby is a tear-jerker rather than a lull-you-to-sleep melody. Because, after all, going to sleep is only a temporary solution.