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Dear friends, I have heard the unthinkable.

My dear friend Iris has just had one of her fandoms cruelly destroyed. But before you decry Hollywood, my brothers and sisters in the writing and critiquing world, let me tell you… this is worse. Far worse.

Her fandom was destroyed by none other than the author who began it.

But let me explain.

Iris is a longtime fan of the Percy Jackson novels, which, as a side note, I myself have never read. So you can consider this blog post my response on a friend’s behalf. πŸ˜‰ She started young, I believe. She’s been following the author’s work for years now. And then, she has it ripped out from under her feet.

What am I talking about? Why, the decision to make one character homosexual!

Now, just so that you know, I am a faithful,Β practicing Roman Catholic. I subscribe to all Church teachings. And as such, I believe that homosexuality is wrong. Do not give me arguments in the comments, please. You will not change my mind. (I’m like my namesake. I would die for what I believe in, and I plan on living for it as well.) And if you do start to try to change my mind, I will do worse than just delete your comment.

I. WILL. PRAY. FOR. YOU. *evil laughter*

Yes, I’m an evil creature of darkness, damned forever to death and destruction and whatnot. X-P You probably knew it all along. ;-P

But, let that aside, I think that this choice of Rick Riordan’s is a terrible mistake, and let me tell you why.

  1. This is a children’s book. Please leave the kids out of politics, darling. And don’tΒ indoctrinate them, either. And I don’t care what you may say, this is, in my opinion, indoctrination of the most insidious kind. According to C.S. Lewis, “If a man writes a book about Buddhism, we will not be swayed to his beliefs. It is the Buddhist assumptions in all the other books that will make us change our minds.” The same applies to homosexuality in children’s literature.
  2. I would classify homosexuality, lesbianism, gay rights, what have you as an adult theme. This bumps up the rating from PG to R. Please, let the adults squabble over this; let the children maintain their precious innocence for just a little longer! Do it for the little ones’ sake! Kids do have rights, according to the United Nations. So please, respect those rights.
    (On a side note, I doubt that they would agree with me as to the status of those rights; I think they would probably cheer for this blatant indoctrination, but I’m convinced that the best way to snark is to use someone else’s words against them. Capiche?)
  3. Readers don’t like a plot error. Seriously. It’s true. They won’t read a book when it turns to putrid… disgustingness in their hands. Look how many people have jumped off the bandwagon already! And I believe this does classify as a plot error. Seriously. It’s like a deus ex machina— Rick Riordan has been building this character up for one destiny and then suddenly switches it. *head keyboard* I mean, HONESTLY?! This makes me sick.

So, that’s my little rant of the day. I hope you liked it, ’cause if you didn’t, then why did you read all the way to the end?! ;-P See #3.

Post questions, arguments, extra reasons why this is a BIG mistake, and other memorandi in the comments. Thanks for reading, have a great day, and may God Bless You and keep you in all your paths. πŸ˜€