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Welcome to the first day of Nanowrimo!!! πŸ˜€

Hello, 1,666 words per day craziness! Oh, how I love thee ;-P

Soooo… ;-P I think I know now why Nano starts the day after Halloween. It’s all that candy. Better that the sugar-crazed authors should be removed from the streets and slave away at their computers instead. ;-P

Let’s see… so far, I have written about 500 words. And already hit the first block with a depressed Seer and uncertain equivalent of a Chosen One. Next block: Find another outlaw group to contact. Preferably one who will be interesting. Third block: have one girl be manipulated into betraying her friends.

“Have fun, Kenobi. Your life is about to get a lot harder.” — Kysherin the Muse

May the Force be with me. (I’m going to need it.)