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Okay, so I have a funny and somewhat awkward and embarrassing story to share. I started out on Nanowrimo all excited and everything, only to discover that my novel (the one I had been continuing for Nanowrimo) had paused at an especially awkward point that completely killed my muse on that point. (This is only a figure of speech… unfortunately Kysherin is still alive and kicking… :’-( ) So I’ve been writing ahead (a euphemism among writers for skipping scenes on your novel, planning on coming back and adding them in during the editing stages; yes, this is perfectly fine, as long as you leave some sort of marker to note that you know what you’re doing, and have to add them in.) on that novel, and changed out my Nano project, a screenplay for a sort of television show that my good friend Iris and I plan on filming at some point in the future. You can find a synopsis and sample from my current project here, and here is my synopsis from the original project:

Angels’ Reflections: All Roads Lead Here

(Author’s note: This is the continuation of a novel which I started in the April summer camp, and continued in July. I plan on completing it this November. Wish me luck!)

As the threads of fate pull the friends’ roads closer, each action further solidifies one reality: There is no going back. While Aliana struggles to comprehend and learn to use her new powers in conjunction with her “kantavali’yana”, her “Destiny Sharer,” Jay, Jay is still trying to cope with his past. Klis’s journey of self-discovery takes a frightening and possibly dangerous turn as she discovers that she has fallen in love with the young Chiavan warrior, Starlun. Maya’s emotional scars, despite Aliana and Jay’s attempts to heal them, are growing steadily worse. And if Jay and Aliana don’t learn how to work together in harmony soon, they could easily unleash chaos on the land of Elayatar, plunging it into a second darkness far more menacing than the first.

Now, all the roads are leading them into a confrontation with the dark forces that threaten their world. And if they fail, their whole world is at stake.