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Hello, everyone! As a relief from my foray into criminal minds and the detectives who try to stay one step ahead (or rather, as a result of tons of research for my Nano project, aka scripts,) I have discovered a new potential career for an aspiring writer: ghostwriting.

Like most people, I had no idea of the existence of ghostwriters for most of my life. I only found out about this mere minutes ago, while on a Wikipedia search to find out all I could about toxins, of all things, through thence to (I think) medicine and crime, and finally to ghostwriting. But I digress. Perhaps I should first describe what it is that a ghostwriter does.

Basically, a ghostwriter is an unknown, a non-entity, yet a very real force in the world, because a ghostwriter is paid to write novels, memoirs, and whatnot that will be attributed to other people. This is a great way to gain practice in writing, because it’s essentially riding to the top on the weight (or should it be buoyancy?) of the name of someone famous–especially if you’re in politics. I mean, after all, no offense to the people who run our country, but I doubt if many of them can really stick a pen. Because they say the most idiotic things at times. No one can argue with that–can they?

And it pays, until you can get published under your own name, while meanwhile you’re learning from the greats–or not-so-greats, as the case may be. 😉

Who says that you need vanity? That can wait until you’ve paid the bills. Right?

Oh, and incidentally–sadly, there is no such thing as Devil’s Foot Root. Sorry to dash all your hopes and dreams, fellow Conan Doyle junkies, but it’s true. However… *brightens up* I’ve talked to a (former) qualified nurse and she says there are drugs that have those effects! Happy day!

Maybe you’d like to know about my recent browser history… it’s also very random and very telling. There are a few open windows for BBC’s Sherlock, which I have not seen (remind me to rave later about how the BBC does just about everything so much better than Hollywood!) but still think is possibly (okay, probably) awesome (*cough cough* Iris’s a Sherlock junkie *cough cough*). But on recent history, there is:

  1. A search for Jonathan Wild (The Valley of Fear)
  2. A search for Jean-Baptiste Greuze (also The Valley of Fear)
  3. Adam Worth (got lead there by Jonathan Wild)
  4. Old Basil Rathbone movies (Stop me before I swoon over his awesomeness! Though they don’t do Watson so well in those movies… sigh)
  5. General information about toxins (Did you know that the venom of the black widow spider is NOT the most toxic substance in the world? It isn’t even the most dangerous spider venom. Want to know what they really are? Brown recluse spider venom, and botulism {aka botulinum toxin, commercially known as… DUH DUH DUH! Botox. Yeah, we inject ourselves with the most deadly substance in the world. Aren’t we all such idiots. But it’s an ongoing trend… people used to use arsenic to make their skin clear, and put belladonna in their eyedrops. Food for thought… or maybe poison… teehee)
  6. A search for the toxins of the poison dart frog, which is famously used to poison (what else?!) arrows. (A Study in Scarlet, incidentally they do still call these toxins alkaloids! The most dangerous group of toxins is batrachotoxins.)
  7. A search to find out if they are really water soluble. (They are–or rather, can be.)
  8. A search for radix pedis diaboli (aka devil’s foot root, The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot.)
  9. A search for toxins (all psychoactive drugs are toxic if you take enough of them!) which display similar effects.
  10. Umm… completely unrelated… Song lyrics.

I am so crazy… it’s not even funny. Or maybe it is. Happy Nanoing to all you fellow insanities and insomniacs out there, and have a nice November to all the rest of you, who are actually reasonably sane. I think I may have just found my new career (as having more actual knowledge of political theory and world history than your average person, as well as the possible skills to “hack it.”) I am so behind in my Nano project it’s not even funny. And… I’m rambling.

Oh, and by the way…