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I mean, seriously?!

How about sanely?!

Because this is insane. Sheer insanity.

Vision Forum is shutting down. The recent HHS mandate put them out of business.

For years, Vision Forum has been committed to restoring Christian values in popular culture. For years, they’ve promoted true man- and woman-hood. They have been around since 1998.

And now it’s all gone.

And why?!

So-called CIVIL LIBERTIES. Aka, healthcare that includes birth control. Did you know you can commit suicide by overdosing with “the pill”!? Not that anyone actually does that, but still! It’s a POISON. And now employers are being forced to pay for it in their healthcare plans.

That’s all.



I disagree with the use of birth control. Let me explain why.

If someone (say, someone famous) was to approach me and ask me if I “wanted to be friends” (just friendship, nothing more), and I asked them why and if they told me that they liked me, my personality, found my views or intellect fascinating, I would be flattered. Of course I would say yes.

But if they told me that it was only to keep up their public image, I would be outraged and say “no.”

All things have their purpose. Nothing exists for its own sake. No matter what modern-school artists say. Art and music exist for enjoyment. Family for support. Love, for marriage and family. And birth control denies that purpose. You’re taking away my little fantasy of “happily ever after.” What do you have to say for yourself, birth control?!

Anyway, the mandate contains horrifically vague and narrow clauses for conscientious objection. This means it only nominally and legally allows one of our basic rights. And, as we all know, the law isn’t everything.

And Vision Forum isn’t the only group. All over the place, small family businesses are being shut down because they refuse to conform with these standards. They can’t afford to pay the fines. This denies the free-market principle, by the way. (Did I mention the HHS mandate is FULL of problems?!)

I’m angry. Very very angry. You’re free to attack my blog for supporting these values as you please. But I’m sick. Sick and tired and very, very upset. I loved their stuff! It was epic! Their catalog was cooler than the Boy Scouts’ catalog used to be.

Go ahead. Throw mud at me. I don’t care. You’re killing free speech, people.

Now, excuse me while I go throw up.

But if, on the other hand, you’d like to support me, please, I need a hug. A shoulder to cry on. And possibly encouragement to cut-and-paste my second-semester-of-college essay.

What are you waiting for?! Add something to the comments. I’m going to shut up now, because if you don’t believe the same way I do, I’m probably not going to be able to convince you. And just so you know, you won’t convince me. I’ll stay in the Dark Ages, thank you very much. Thanks for reading, and may God bless you even if you don’t believe in Him!!!!! 🙂