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I was guilt tripped today.

No, literally. I mean my guilt tripped!

Someone tried to guilt bribe me with something I really didn’t feel guilty about. I just ignored them.

Score one for me. Big fat zero for the other person.

This is also good in another way.

As in, the villain tries to hold off the hero (see Hostage Situation) with something the hero does not feel guilty about. Also known as Dun Moch Backfires, or Count Dooku (or other Star Wars villain) Fails. (Not to be confused with Inverse Dun Moch, in which the hero tries to convince the villain that the bad guy’s life is so sad, he just goes around blowing things up.) But that’s not really what we’re talking about here.

Sometimes, the villain doesn’t even succeed in making the hero mad. (Still more EPIC fail! :-P) So, instead of a guilt trip, it gets shrugged off and the hero says something along the lines of “You deserve to die, but you’re still not worth the powder!” (I love Horatio…)

Though this is not always the best option for an emotionally charged climax (why do we all love angry heroes?!), it’s still something to keep in mind.

Because, to be honest, taunting? It doesn’t always work out that way. 😉