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Eight words:

The Adventure of the Creeping Man, and purple.

The former is a Sherlock Holmes short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the latter the color of Mace Windu’s lightsaber, and a truly original addition by the film’s directors.


This was a great movie, if scarier than the original Despicable Me. There was a great sense of menace and suspense at the beginning, since you didn’t know what was going on when the Minions were disappearing one by one. I found it kind of odd that Gru did notice, but dismissed it as giving them too much vacation time. (Oh, and by the way: I REALLY WANT TO FIND THE WEBSITE HE WAS READING IN THE MOVIE. Villains.com or something like that.)

Agnes’ birthday party. Extremely cute. And more loosers: #5 (Julian), #65 (Silas Ramsbottom–honestly, who has a name like that?!) and #7 (who has an unfortunate name-resonance with the heroine, Shannon Holmes, of my new drama series that I’m working on. Yeah… she stays Looser #6 to me. X-P) Incidentally, this is the first Despicable Me movie with a villain who is not hash-tagged “Looser”, as Vector should have been. (Loosers #1, #2, and #3 were the vacationing family in Egypt who discovered that the Great Pyramid was a fake, if you must know. Looser #4 was Vector.)

Jam as a weapon. Absolutely love it. Nefario was brilliant. This was a very appropriate psychological journey for him, though for obvious reasons they couldn’t flesh out the backstory there (since they had to maintain suspense.) Needless to say, I did foresee that Nefario would be working for El Macho, and also that he would return to working with Gru before the end.

“You brought the girls along?!”

“Er… was that wrong?”

-Gru and Nefario

Oh, and how can I not mention Ninja Edith?! And lovestruck Margo–erm… glad that Antonio ditched her, to be honest. Love at first sight? Nope, not feeling it.

This film left me with just one question: Just how many Minions are there in existence?!

If you have not read The Adventure of the Creeping Man, you are missing out. I strongly recommend it.

And did I mention I love Ninja Edith?!

Hope you enjoyed this review! 🙂 Thanks for reading, and God Bless!