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Poor Mr. Lasseter.

It can’t be easy to keep all the facts in line–especially when faced with such a fanatic history buff as my brother.

But I digress.

This is about Planes, the new Disney/Pixar movie. It’s enjoyable. It’s disorienting. It’s everything a good movie should be…

Except, sadly, for having exact historically accuracy.

Warning: Spoilers. Proceed no farther unless wearing correct protective equipment.

While we were watching it (spoiler alert!!!) I ran upstairs to ask Sprite if the Corsair had originally been intended for something other than dogfighting. He said, no, it was specifically designed to combat the Japanese Zeros.

“Snap! goes our third thread, leaving us exactly where we started.” –Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Well, I kicked back. And then learned that the Corsair did not fight at Guadacanal. It had not been built until after the US gained air supremacy in the Pacific, two years later! And, since the Corsair had been specifically designed to combat the Zero, it is hardly likely that only one plane would be left, out of an entire sixteen-plane squadron. Granted, though, in the flashback, they were coming through some pretty nasty flack out there, and there were battleships in the mix as well. They were outnumbered, clearly.

Not to criticize the movie. It was fun to watch (though admittedly, I have not seen the whole thing yet, thanks to Raya’s loving attentions.) It was entirely what you’d expect from Disney/Pixar.

My good friend Iris tells me I have a tendency to over-think things, to look too critically at the details.

She’s probably right

Oh well.