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Tomorrow is New Year’s Day.

I have no idea whatsoever about what I am going to do about it. But I do have a new idea for a novel to work on in 2014. So, I’m not entirely lost. But still! Iris is pressuring me to do New Year’s resolutions, which admittedly I am very bad at.

I finished the Hike All Trails challenge that was going on at a nature association nearby. We had to hike every trail on the property, and I finished back in August or September (I think). I was back on the trails today, trying to help my brother to finish. Ah well. At least we left only four trails undone. But the upshot is, I’m freaking tired. So if I don’t make any sense to follow, you know why.

My idea for a novel is kind of like a rip-off on stereotypes, but a surreptitious one so don’t write it off at first sight. It will probably be very disorienting, since it takes place (at first sight) in what appears to be a Middle Eastern country, but it’s a Middle Eastern country with a very different culture. The higher classes have a very confusing, almost utopian viewpoint; the hero’s mother is considered an outcast because she held fast to her wedding vows even though she loved someone else. So, yes. They have a somewhat unrealistic view of life. But, their perfect world by necessity can not exist without others suffering. The hero, who was raised in the lap of luxury despite having only seen his father twice in his life and his mother not much more often (not by her choice!) has his mother’s temperament; he’s more stoic and willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Because, ultimately, the conventions of the nobles’ utopia only make them more selfish.

I’ve always wanted to see how a utopia can go badly wrong…