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By the Sherlockians. Specifically the Cumber-bunny Sherlockians.

Is it even possible to get in on a fandom without even seeing an episode of the show? (Don’t answer that…) Possible or not, I think I did it. (Maybe this is just a stage of obsession, but it’s one that you occasionally never move past…)

And then…

This afternoon.

The Blind Banker. The Great Game. A Scandal in Belgravia.

I’m in shock.

Call me when I’m sane again, okay? ‘Cause right now I don’t trust myself not to freak out.

*takes several deep breaths* Okay, I think I’m good for now…

All right. Reasons.

4. The soundtrack. Need I say more?

I think I just might anyway. I have not heard such an awesome soundtrack since The Lord of the Rings and Rise of the Guardians. The music perfectly mirrors the emotion in any given scene. The tension piece is especially good.

3. The sheer brilliance of the show. It’s amazing. Sometimes you don’t catch everything (at least, not everything that Sherlock catches), but you re-watch the episodes and go, “OH! That’s right! *facepalm*” Fortunately, I’ve been a Conan Doyle aficionado ever since I was maybe eight, so I can generally follow where it’s going, and identify the short stories they pulled bits and pieces from. Then, too, there’s the amazing quality of how they interpolate different stories. For instance, there will be several cases that get solved in a given episode, aside from the main one. The unexpected about-faces are as thoroughly refreshing as are the straight up, no chaser flashbacks.

2. Moriarty.

Oh my. Moriarty.


How can anyone sound that evil?! How can anyone act that depraved?!! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

Oh, and his music preferences clearly show. He’s evil. ;-P (At least, in my opinion. THAT SONG IS EVIL. ;-P)

1. Dr. John Hamish Watson. Beyond a doubt he’s my favorite character. Probably because he’s the easiest to relate to, but also because Dr. Watson is often underestimated; despite being constantly put down, I think he’s really smarter than anyone gives him credit for. By the way, have you seen his blog?

And then there are all the other people therein. Like Mrs. Hudson.

Favorite clips: Sherlock rescuing Mrs. Hudson in A Scandal in Belgravia, and then knocking the burglar out a window and “loosing count”; Mycroft saying “Oh, shut up, Mrs. Hudson” and then Sherlock snapping “Mycroft!” (he really sounded like the eldest for a minute there!); John arguing with a checkout machine. (I mean, really? A CHECKOUT MACHINE! That completely equals epic. ^_^)

Least favorite character so far: Irene Adler. She’s interesting, but I really liked her better in the books.

Why does the BBC always seem to do things so much better than Hollywood?

And they said instant addiction was impossible… ;-P