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In other words, Fandoms in the Incubation Period.

Isn’t it strange how sometimes one gets very excited about an out-coming book or movie or TV show (or one that one has not seen yet)?

Depending on the intensity, one may actually be considered a fan, even without having properly entered the fandom!

Of course, this is how we get into fandoms. It has to begin somewhere.

It may as well begin here.

For instance, I was a fan of BBC Sherlock before I had even seen the series. Mainly due to my taste for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works, probably, and the whole premise intrigued me, and besides, I knew that the BBC normally does awesome stuff. (It’s been a long story, perhaps even longer than the journey… *sigh*)

And my good friend Iris was a fan of Frozen before she hit the theaters to see it.

You see, it all has to begin somewhere. Even if I haven’t been infected with the Whovian virus.


I don’t want to jinx it.

I’ve seen about three episodes and can’t even remember the biggest details of two of them. But my dad is a Doctor Who fan. And so is my little sister Jewel.

See? I don’t want to jinx it. ;-P

For the record, my dad is also a closet Sherlockian.