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All right, this story has a lot of backstory. It’s my first novel-length original story to be posted serially on this blog, and I hope everyone enjoys it! Please note, Bound to the Flame will be posted as I complete the chapters, so there may be some pauses longer than others between chapter postings, and the chapters may be of odd lengths.

Anyway, this story was inspired by an idea I had while watching Disney/Pixar’s Brave, and I thought, hmm, what would happen if Star Wars had happened in the medieval Scottish Highlands? Then the story slowly gained influences from Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and (possibly) Frozen (?). Then it changed from a crossover to an original story. Why did that happen and how? I’m not quite sure, but this is the result. I hope you enjoy it…

Bound to the Flame


                Queen Melilana was not an easy woman to faze.

However, despite being among the most powerful Wielders in existence, she was still human, and the return of her son, missing for a fortnight, was enough of an event to break even her stoic fortitude and run down the hallways of Castle Daareth, down to the courtyard. As she hurried down the stairs, Fortaine came to join her.

“Queen Melilana,” he said. Melilana instantly knew that he was troubled, due to the use of her formal title, rather than his more familiar manner with her as his adoptive parent, but neglected to ask him to call her “mother.” She looked at him in silence. “We… we found him.”

Now King Halbryn was hurrying across the high entry hall to meet her. She grasped his hand as they both ran toward the hall doors, drawing strength from their unity, their connection, much as she always had, even when he was a young knight errant and she the inexperienced Queen of the kingdom of Ertraia. He smiled reassuringly down at her once, then the doors boomed open and they were running down the steps into the courtyard.

Julian, their other adoptive son and Hal’s second apprentice, came slowly toward them, bearing the young prince of Ertraia in his arms, as if the boy weighed nothing. The boy was wrapped in the traditional green cloak of the knights of Ertraia, the same cloak worn with formal wear by all the nobles. The cloak was faded and worn, made of a durable, coarse homespun cloth, being more practical than fine. It was tattered, the edges torn. Both the boy’s cloak and the knight’s were streaked with damp, dark stains. Melilana gasped.

“Rowan,” she whispered. The boy was perfectly still. Melilana ran to her son’s side. Julian stared at her, their eyes meeting. His eyes were hollow. Together, they slid slowly to the cobblestones of the pavement, Julian cautious to shield the boy’s broken body from any jarring or sharp impact. “Is he all right?” Melilana pleaded. “Please, tell me he’s all right!” Julian’s midnight blue eyes filled with tears.

Between them, the boy breathed, but only barely, as above the merciless moon stared down from the night sky.

Its light slowly dimmed to nothing as clouds gathered across the sky, veiling the stars. It was dark, but not as dark as the night that awaited them now.

 To Be Continued

So, that’s the story… you’ll have to tell me if it’s any good. Also, I may need ideas for continuation… however, that depends on my muse. *leans out the window to shout at Kysherin, who is currently engaged in blowing away all clouds that might lead to any snow* HEY! GET BACK HERE! And leave off blowing away all our poor snowstorms!!! *turns back to audience with an apologetic smile on my face* Sorry about that. She’s such an idiot sometimes.