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This day being the fourth of February, year 2014 of the Fourth Age, and the same in the continuing reign of King Ellessar in this Middle-Earth, I, Mithiel, daughter of Steward Faramir, princess of Ithilien, scribe of the King and captain of Gondor, commit this tale to the Annals of the King.

It was late this morning, my lords and ladies and fair folk of Gondor, when I, Mithiel, joined my brother Boromir, second of that name, and sister Tiriel in the solar of our home in Minas Tirith, the chief city of Gondor. As time hung heavy on our hands, my brother Boromir suggested that we hold a mock war, with blunted arrows and swords. My sister and I were agreeable to the proposal, so we went forth and requisitioned bows, and I gathered my blades. The long sword was too cumbersome to carry, so I merely took a blunt-edged dirk and dagger, along with a small quiver.

War was declared, and we began to fight. We began by staying under cover and attempting to pick each other off. I was hit in the collarbone by an arrow from Tiriel’s bow. Inexplicably, though I was picking up arrows and not shooting many myself, I ran out of ammunition first. I forgot to use my blades when Boromir charged me; however, he returned the gesture of unintentional gallantry and suggested that together, we ambush Tiriel. I drew her fire, staying as well under cover of the kitchen as I could, while he charged her. By default, Boromir won the war, due to his having arrows left after Tiriel dropped her quiver and could not reach it in the confines of her fortress. I myself was declared best Ranger, for my use of cover, and our youngest sister Miriel just got in the way.

The war ended with a toast of hot chocolate and putting Miriel in time out.

I commit this tale to the Lore-Keeper’s care on this fourth day of February, 2014 F. A.

The End

Author’s note: This is based on something my brother and sister and I did this morning with Nerf guns. However, I decided to write it with our Lord of the Rings roleplay characters; we’re all children of Faramir and Eowyn. 😉