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Of course it is. No matter what the romance authors say. I suppose it was bound to happen; romance is being replaced.

Just kidding. Nothing really can compare to the juggernaut that is romance. It even outstrips fantasy (though, let’s face it, fantasy fans are more passionate than romance ones.)

But, if you look at recent book sales, I think you’ll start to notice a trend. Think of all the literary versions of BBC’s Sherlock (which, you’ve got to admit it, for a show to be like that and go from zero to sixty in that little space, that never happens!), like the Hunger Games. Dystopian. Divergent? Dystopian. Veggie Tales?

Okay, I guess it could happen… 😛

And now I find myself caught up in the genre. I was writing a dystopian-style alternate universe Star Wars fanfic, and all of a sudden… Bam!

It mutates into an original dystopian and I topple over the line between fantasy and sci-fi and land solidly (on my posterior, no less) in the dystopian fiction world.

It’s happening more and more often. I mean, really, Bound to the Flame started as a crossover between Star Wars and Brave (I wanted to see what would happen if Star Wars took place in the historic Scottish Highlands, and then Merida hopped in, and for some reason Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl were the king and queen of a small kingdom and guess what? They have a son named Obi-Wan! Who promptly goes off on his own tangent like he always does…) that gained influences from A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Rowan’s disability and the way he gained it? Blame L’Engle. It all came from Matthew Maddox. I even borrowed an Ecthros or two! Or five…), Beauty and the Beast (umm, yeah. Rowan’s not comfortable with being half-crippled, no matter what he tells you to your face.), Tangled (minus the lock on the tower and the sheer isolation, but for some reason Margery is Flynn Rider and got herself arrested to get herself into the tower), and possibly even Frozen, though I haven’t even seen it yet!!!

Dare I say, oops?!

I guess I’d better just enjoy my own madness, at this rate. 😛

But anyway, about dystopian. It’s here to stay, people. It’s all about stepping up and standing out. It’s about purpose. It’s about people who really make a difference.

And maybe that’s what makes it so powerful.

Then, too, it’s a challenge. After all, not everyone can rely on an innate magical ability, can they?! 😛

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!