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‘Nough said.

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Obi-Wan’s thoughts on finding that people actually idolize Anakin. ;-P

There’s always a risk that people will pick your characters for role models. So… have your characters be role models worth following! 🙂

I have never been able to understand why people seem to think Anakin makes a great role model. Sure, he may be a great character, but he is not, and likely never will be, a good role model. You see, we’re talking about a kid (later adult) who whines, goes about deliberately disobeying his authority figures, disrespecting his mentor, consistently and selfishly chooses the good of the people he is close to above the good of the many, compromises his morals from time to time… the list goes on and on. (And he blames Obi-Wan for everything. Ummm… excuse me? Though Obi-Wan probably started the problem by blaming himself for everything, still, Anakin, that’s uncalled for. Do I sense jealousy here? Like, does Anakin secretly think, “Obi-Wan is better than me. I’ll never be as good as Obi-Wan.” and from this it follows “Obi-Wan drives me insane with his goody-two-shoes attitude” and “It’s all Obi-Wan’s fault”?! Gah! Whiny all over again! It’s so annoying!!! >:-S Sorry, but it really irritates me.)

And ultimately, he turns evil and commits genocide and murders his own wife.

True, he is always trying to be a hero, but he isn’t trying hard enough, and he could be trying harder. And people see him as a role model? I think not!

He’s ultimately redeemed, and there was blame on both sides, but I really think I like his Clone Wars incarnation better. Oh, and AUs are also good. As are snuggles (unfortunately, Obi-Wan kind of shies from physical contact with anyone… bummer. 😛 Anakin probably does okay cuddles, but would bear-hug the life out of me. 😛 So, no snuggles for the author… :-P)

*giggles* I know sound completely nuts, but that much said, I really do think they’re an awesome team. And I also think that Anakin should start snuggles more often, because obviously Obi’s not gonna do it. 😛 Also, they’re so dysfunctional it’s hilarious…

Did I mention I like Skywalker/Kenobi friendship/partnership a lot!?

Because, Anakin’s a hilarious idiot (when he’s not being an obnoxious one) and Obi-Wan is an adorable idiot (at least, that’s what Padme told me when she heard about how he feels guilty over things that are not his fault…) and between Obi-Wan analyzing things and Anakin breaking them, we somehow have balance…

Behold, the eighth wonder of the known galaxy! 😛

Oh, and I just realized. I made 100 posts on this blog! Thanks to all my followers and all the other awesome people out there who’ve supported me. Even if I don’t realize it’s the anniversary until I’m four posts later… *facepalm* 😛

Thanks for reading… even though I got off-topic there at the end. ;-P