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Wow, it’s been a while since I did a post about my personal life! At least, it sure feels that way, since I’ve been so busy with humor and had so many good things to say about noveling and other creative writing. Besides, I’ve been busy. And not so much with nice stuff. More with mundane stuff, like finding and keeping a job… and taking care of Raya, who recently turned four. Huzzah.

Anyway, yesterday I went hiking with Iris and discovered that my family’s membership was expired (that sucked), a few weeks ago there was the Homeschool Formal Winter Ball, which was fun but noisy (I tend to prefer a lot of quiet… that’s just how I am…) And Sunday, we played a game that centered around creative writing. Basically, every time we moved on the board, we got a plot prompt, a character, an adjective, a sentence… It was like a writer’s dream come true for plot prompts (and bunnies!) Except it doesn’t really work when one is noveling… (Look up Month of the Novel. Seriously.) Anyway, so we played it. My story at the end was about dragon racing, the empire state building, and the Mafia (and a slimy Pharaoh… X-P), Jewel’s was about a talking fish and an ancient Chinese medicine man (does that even make sense…?), and my dad told a completely HILARIOUS one about racing yachts (at least, I think it was yachts…) on a lake in the Jurassic time period, flying monkeys, a time machine (remember his secret fandom, people! :-P), a rubber band, a crystal vase (which he had to replace with a Deus Ex Machina, which was hilariously lampshaded and everyone thought was just plain awesome!), and his mom. (She sounds more than awesome!!!) Sprite was hard pressed to think of one, until he put heads together with Dad and came up with a story about a warty stinky pirate in Scotland, the Tardis, explosions, the revolutionary war, weird footprints (you’ll know why in a second!), the Doctor in a diving suit (I told you!!! And don’t ask me which Doctor… though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the one played by Christopher Eccleston. ;-P), and (of course!) time travel and sonic screwdrivers! It was awesome. In fact, I think it was the Best In Show!

Moving on… I was meditating on Anakin’s cowlick for no reason… well, not exactly no reason. I was just bored. 😛 Anyway… I think there used to be a joke that the reason why Anakin turned dark was because he had a cowlick and couldn’t find his part. Either that, or there should be one… What’s my point?

My point is… well, I guess I lost my audience there. 😛

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!