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If he gets boring, you can just kill him off.

Nah, just kidding.

It seems that every story has one of these dorks. Even unintentional ones. You know the type… people who have absolutely nothing to say and yet won’t stop talking. At. All. He’s a cousin of the guy who is utterly ridiculous (like Mrs. Bennet, blaming other people for things that are all her fault, and being stupid about everything, not being able to be serious and think clearly about anything, and just being obnoxiously empty-headed), and as such, he is far more likely to drive you insane than be boring. This guy is determined to point out the obvious, yell at innocent people for stuff that is most definitely not their fault, and make things even harder–and sometimes even worse–than they should be, by rights. As such, he may become the Unintentional Villain. He is doubtless the one to tell the insecure character (whose fault it really is not) “This is all your fault!” and get a punch in the face from the protective friend who really doesn’t want the insecurities of the other character made worse. This guy is a genius at making things worse. He’s outrageous. He’s ridiculous. He’s completely impossible. (Why am I doing this post, again? :-P)

Is that why people actually like him?