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A year or two ago, I got a cell phone, because I had started college and needed a way to stay in contact, because I couldn’t drive yet. (No, I was not living in the dorms. Why do you ask? … Oh, right. ;-P What can I say? I’m a geek! :-P) The first thing I did was send a text to my friend (who incidentally shares the same first REAL name with Raya), to say “Hey! I got a phone!”

I never texted anyone again. And why?

Because the spell check is evil.

uh-huh, yeah, i haz itI mean, honestly… it’s enough to send one to the Dark Side! (Hey, wait a minit. That’s not the Vader I know and love… *gulp* Who the blue Wild Space brought in this shiny animated look-alike, anyway!?)

I don’t even know what half those abbreviations and deviations were! And I’m not sure I want to. You see, pop culture…

not all av us can chatz like this and git away w/ it 2 gawt it?!

Seriously… that is just… wrong.

Oh, and there are advantages to writing and typing longhand… such as less time spent editing, and being able to write so fast and neat you leave your college professors in awe.

Kenobi out.