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A great leap forward often requires two steps back.

–Obi-Wan Kenobi

Hey, look at that… *points at all the pretty gorgeous serviceable handwriting*

Sorry, but that’s always what I imagined Obi-Wan’s hand to be like. Not the messy handwriting he annotates his textbooks in…

signatureBut the neat, elegant hand of a gentleman, from a more civilized age… *shakes self out of reverie*

What was I going to talk about, anyway? Almost certainly not how much more gorgeous Obi-Wan’s theoretical handwriting is than mine… *gets swatted upside the head for excessive praise of the beauty of the text*

Oh, right. A great leap forward often requiring two steps back. Well, here are the two steps back…

  • My laptop getting damaged by the water I spilled on the keyboard, thanks to Raya and her habit of leaving her clothes everywhere (and also the fact that I thought I had put the laptop away when I actually hadn’t… *swats self upside the head for excessive stupidity*)
  • The fact that we can’t find the Internet modem fob USB thingummy for the computer downstairs. Double gah! *gets swatted upside the head again, this time for using the word “thingummy” and the sound of dubious status as a word, “gah”*

So, what’s the great leap forward?

How about 5k more words on my novel? How’s that for progress, eh?!

So yeah, I feel kind of good about that… *gets swatted upside the head by Han, for getting cocky* Hey! Han, I thought I had banished you from my mind palace until you’re needed!

Well, hope you enjoyed this post… I have to go chase Han and arrest him for trespassing on private mental property. ‘Bye!