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Here’s to being anonymous online!

I mean, seriously, this is the life. Who needs Twitter or Facebook? Just because everyone else has it doesn’t mean it has to own my life!

I’m not photo perfect, and only occasionally do I manage to take the perfect photo. Apparently this face is in style (I look like Katie McGrath and what’s-her-name who plays Irene Adler and have the same jawline as Angelina Jolie, for goodness’ sake!), but the fact that I detest lipstick and mascara is not. So why suffer? I like my natural complexion, thank you very much. I only go online to blog, to read the occasional e-book, to email, to say “hi” to my Nanowrimo buddies, and occasionally to attend the gatherings on the Lego Star Wars Creations Gallery (conveniently located at lego.com.) I can afford to ignore Martha Stewart (I love do-it-yourself and stuff that looks amazing, but seriously, who can live like that all the time? Certainly not your average middle-class American teenaged girl! She has college to work at!) In real life, I work and study. I have a job that I love, taking care of an adorable lass in second grade. The house isn’t always clean, but who cares? You don’t have to go to an amusement park to have fun. There’s always a good-old-fashioned pillow fight! I love camping out though I rarely get to go, but I get to hike and volunteer at the local nature association. I ride my bike (I want to go on a Bicycle Ride Across {Name Random State Here} someday!) I play guitar and ignore the perfect people living their perfect lives in their perfect multi-million dollar, more-than-a-thousand-square-foot homes.

I know I’m not perfect and I work on it, but I’m perfectly happy being not perfect, since God created me human and obviously He wants me to be human.

Life that’s less than perfect is awesome.