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Preparation for Nanowrimo Camp: FUN! πŸ˜€ Is anyone else super excited? I sure know I am!!!

Okay, so I’m working on the same project as I have been last year for the past two camps and hoping to complete it this time. As soon as I get my laptop back, I’ll start preliminary editing. This is why I love first drafts: you can mess with them as much as you like and see what works best. (I’m addicted to everything Microsoft Word. Did you notice? :-P)

Okay, that first bit was written before my laptop came back. I am currently writing this on my laptop! YAY! πŸ˜€

So, besides announcing camp… I have a laptop return to announce! Yay!

Well, recently I’ve been working on getting together the camp workshop, using these blog posts… I think that this blog is like journal keeping for me. I have an obligation to write, since I’m writing for people. Keeping a journal just for myself feels sort of counter-intuitive. Thus, I write my blog more than my diary. It’s almost like I’m keeping a record of all my most pertinent discoveries, and not just for myself, so it keeps me accountable.

I will be continuing my camp project of April and July 2014 that I failed to complete in November. In this chapter of the Angels’ Reflections saga, we meet a whole new group of characters, the Shape-Shifters of Kalya: Karyll, the Raven; Verun, the Wolf; Nadya, the Falcon; and Beckra, the Bear. These four are the only survivors of a genocide against the Shape-Shifters’ race, and play well into the dystopian theme of the previous stories, since they are different from the other people of the world, they want more than simply what they are given, they live under a brain-washing government that promises a utopia, but doesn’t properly deliver… I could take all day listing the reasons why they fit! πŸ˜‰

Verun, especially, will share a special bond with the Binders, Jay and Aliana: All three of them possess powers that they don’t fully understand, all three of them have a special destiny to complete, and all three of them are questions that have never been posed before.

This is it. This is the final battle for both Elayatar and Kalya. There is nowhere to turn, nowhere to run. Sides must be taken. There is no going back from this moment.

All roads lead here.