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Peredhel means half-Elven, in case you were wondering.

This post is dedicated to something that confused me in the Lord of the Rings movies. Try to keep up with me, please, if you will.

Elrond and his brother Elros were the sons of an elf and a human in the Elder Days. Due to the fact that they were half-and-half, each brother was given a choice between mortality and immortality; to walk the path of the Elves or the roads of men. Elros chose mortality, and is considered among the greatest kings of men. Elrond chose immortality, and is the greatest of lore-masters and the best healer in Middle-Earth by the end of the Third Age.

Arwen is the daughter of Elrond. As Elrond’s child, she was given the same choice as her father. She chose mortality, to be with Aragorn, the ranger. Their child could also be considered a half-elf.

We see the child in a few clips in the movie. The thing is that he and Elrond have nothing in common, in appearance at least.

I would assume that this is because of Arwen’s choice, but you’d expect all half-elves to have similar attributes, wouldn’t you?

I’m just a bit confused, is all…

Oh, and by the way. Uruk-hai are hybrids of orcs and men. Not orcs and goblins! Orcs and goblins are all the same species! Though, we do tend to think of Uruk-hai when we think of orcs, and the Misty Mountain/Moria breed when we say goblins. But they’re still the same species. So there.