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Hello, everyone!

While I was off my laptop, I did a lot of drawing, and now that I have the laptop back, I’ve been able to enhance some of these drawings using Paint. Enjoy!

There should be a not-very-good dragon drawing right here...

First of all, a not-very-good drawing of a dragon… I need to work on my dragon doodles, obviously.

Dragon in shades of green. (Sorry my blog's not working.)

Now for the Paint-enhanced version of the same drawing.

Melilana should appear right here.

Melilana, Queen of Ertraia, preparing a spell.

Invisible queen!

The colored version of the previous drawing. (Purple is Melilana’s favorite color–oh, okay, I just thought it suited her.)


Queen Melilana in her days as a ranger.

Where, oh where has my artwork gone...

Colored in… Melilana’s not wearing makeup in this one. πŸ˜›

Rowan on a journey.

This is not the best drawing, either… but at least it’s got Rowan in a kilt and moving and isn’t a total flop.

Insert random doodle here...

An early concept for the Ertraian arms. (Obviously, I didn’t select this one.)

The final choice...

The final design for the Ertraian arms.

And, the final work...

A colored version of the Ertraian arms. (If anyone wants to slightly redesign it so it looks more elegant, please feel free.)

Tell me, which do you prefer–the colored-in drawings or the originals? I like it when I get feedback…