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Hello, everyone!

I loved the show Star Wars: The Clone Wars as long as it lasted, but it has left me scarred for life… (Not as badly as Sherlock… though it was close!) Warning: here on out contains spoilers, so be forewarned.

Mainly, I’m scarred and upset because of the final arc of the fifth season, which was the last season to premiere on the air at all. I mean… Ahsoka leaving the Order. Tarkin. Padme’s defense. Obi-Wan’s (inexplicable and in my opinion, painfully out-of-character) silence. Palpatine being voiced by someone other than Ian Abercrombie. (What?!) And last but not least, Barriss Offee’s betrayal.

This is pretty weighty stuff on its own. But taken together with the fact that other than the “bonus arcs” which constitute Season Six (The Lost Missions,) there is no more Clone Wars… It’s crushing.

There is no more Obi-Wan and Anakin bantering every week on Friday nights. No more Ahsoka being her perky, cheeky, lovable self. No more Echo or Fives or Cody or Rex. And last but not least, Barriss is dead. (At least to me.)

Not only is a good thing gone–for good, we understand–but there are numerous questions left unanswered by this show. So, without further ado, I present the Top Ten Incomplete Stories of the Clone Wars!

10. The Zillo Beast. After all, Palpatine ordered it cloned, did he not? How did that go? Did he gain some more scars for his stupidity and just plain evilness? (I seriously hope so.)

9. Cut Lawquayne. What happens to him and his family? Are they ever discovered? I mean, after all, Order 66 would be a pretty rocky time for the Lawquaynes!

8. Lux Bonteri. We left him as the soon-to-be Senator of Onderon as it re-joined the Republic. Where has he gone?

7. The Younglings of the Gathering arc. What became of them? Surely they weren’t all slaughtered in Order 66? But sadly, we will never know.

6. Mandalore, and Bo-Katan Kryze. What happened to them? Was Mandalore reclaimed by the pacifists, or at least by the Death Watch’s more honorable contingent? Will Mandalore burn into a hollow shell and be left as a testament to the evil of the Dark Side and of the Clone Wars, or will it rise once more?

5. Darth Maul. What was his continued purpose in Palpatine’s plan? (And why on earth has he not been completely slaughtered by Obi-Wan yet? Oh wait… that stupid hulk of a half-brother. *snorts*)

4. What about Mortis? I know the arc felt complete, but there are things that still confuse me, things that are left unexplained. (I think that “bringing balance to the Force” must not be what most people think, due to something the Father implied– that the Son was not always evil, and he had some modicum of control. Thus, bringing balance to the Force simply means the eradication of that evil–but apparently not since evil came back. So perhaps rather than restoring balance, Anakin was originally supposed to maintain it, to hold back the Dark Side a little longer? But no! He had to fall to the Dark Side and plunge the whole galaxy over the edge of a precipice for twenty years or so!)

3. Okay, so technically this is not a story that was left hanging, but I want to know more about Bail Organa.

2. What will Ahsoka do now? (If she doesn’t turn up in Rebels, I don’t think it’ll be worth watching at all, unless I need something mindless to do in the evenings!)

1. This is so big it far out-shadows anything else on this list…. get ready…. take a deep breath…


I honestly am so mad about this one, I swear it’s like Dave Filoni finally cracked and sacrificed poor Barriss to his Deus Ex Machina. No offense, but it is a freaking Deus Ex Machina. No one foresaw it. Well, some people foresaw it, but they didn’t show us or even hint that something was wrong with Barriss! And it was completely out of character for her! I mean, this is the girl I met in Weapons Factory. The first time, I thought she was a little cold. The second time I watched the episode, I loved her. And then when she was effectively possessed in Brain Invaders, I was so upset! And then, when the episode ended happily, I was so relieved. I never dreamed that maybe that worm might’ve planted something insidious in her head. After all, it was only controlling her. It wasn’t actually a part of her! (Though, that would be an interesting theory, that Barriss thought that some of that evil was still in her and her, effectively, melodrama was what what made her turn. It would also tie in with the line from this episode: “Please, kill me.” But that’s another line of reasoning entirely.) I would like to point out that Barriss was nowhere near dark in these episodes. Yet, when we see her again, she’s a full-on mass murderer!

What in the screaming Wild-blue-Space happened here?!

Does anyone else feel the way I do?

And… that must be the most (near) profanity I’ve used in my life. *is embarrassed* Get the feeling I’m annoyed, much?

(The only time I used more was when my dad had rearranged things in the closet and I opened the door and a heavy box fell out and landed on my foot… I said d**n. *blushes* But I think I might’ve been excused… the thing cut me! And it had BLUNT edges!)

Poor Barriss. She is officially the victim of SECDS. Spontaneous Character Defamation Syndrome.

A special pet peeve of mine is people who start stories like the Clone Wars and then, leave them hanging. It’s so disappointing. And painful. And it’s cruel of the author/director. (Author cruelty to characters is another thing entirely, but trust me, the Clone Wars has that too. Think of poor, innocent Barriss, sacrificed on the altar of expediency, and then also think of how many times Obi-Wan got injured/beaten up/tortured in the Clone Wars. Seriously, next to him, Anakin has it easy. I should think he needs to spend more energy on not getting into those messes in the first place than his wit!)

I’m sorry… it has not been my intent to overly criticize the writers or director of the Clone Wars… or Anakin, either… but I’m pretty annoyed with them all.

Ah well.

At least there’s always the fan community.

So, anyway, please comment, thanks for reading, and God bless…. and please, God, give me the strength to forgive people who leave stories hanging like that.