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We interrupt our scheduled program tonight to bring you some breaking news and bring your attention to a very serious matter indeed.

Right now, my dear readers, I don’t know whether I’m more frightened, ashamed, angry, terrified, or irritated.


I just pulled out into a perfect gap in traffic, making a left turn at a two-way stop, only to find that the person who had been going the speed limit coming from my right had suddenly sped up and was going ten miles an hour faster.

Then, when she pulled past me in the other lane, I saw that she was texting! TEXTING! I could’ve died, and she was telling her BFF cya l8r! And then she honked at me as if the whole situation was my fault in the first place! Why are some idiots just selfish like that? Was it just that she was terminally stupid? Or had she never been in a hurry to get home herself and found herself in a similar situation!? She was starting to confirm the stereotype of the dumb blonde in my mind… and I was only just shaking it off after seeing Mrs. Watson in Sherlock!

I hate rush hour traffic. I hate drunk drivers (as a category, not as people) even more. But I hate people who text and drive the worst. Did you know that driving completely soused is not as bad as texting and driving? Well, you do now.

Seriously, people, cut back on the texting and driving. It’s illegal. And it can be the difference between life or death for an innocent child, pedestrian, or other driver.

I don’t mean to detract from this person’s character, but what she is doing isn’t right. It’s basically playing laser tag blindfolded with real bullets. Besides, I can’t exactly detract from her character… after all, I didn’t even get her license plate number (or I would have called the police instead of just blogging.) Cell phone use is another big one–while not as bad as texting and driving, it can still impair critical reaction time. (Yes, I did just quote the driver’s manual. Live with it.)

Just so you know, I don’t even look at my cell phone while driving. Even though I’m normally very good at multitasking. It’s just not worth it to me. Every time I reach for something on the seat beside me, even, I have a heart attack.

Okay. Rant over. But this is serious, so I won’t give you the normal “you can go on with your lives now” line. I can’t change your minds when it comes to morality, and controversial issues, but I can and should when it comes to matters that are illegal for good reason. So…