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Hello, everyone!

Well, I survived Nanowrimo! *clapping and cheering* I won! I wrote my first 70k novel. Though it only contributed to the massive 100k-and-growing one… *cue laugh track*

Now comes the hard work: editing. Even though Obi-Wan suffers through it with me, it really doesn’t make it that much more tolerable. *sigh* I wrote a lot of fun stuff this camp, but it wasn’t necessarily in the right order, so… yeah. I need to work on editing and/or ordering things right.

I will continue work on Bound to the Flame now, however. And don’t worry–I will try to get more done on Battlefield of the Soul. No promises, though, on what time I will have it out. I will try to have some out next week or the week after…

And that brings me to my next point.

In celebration of Star Wars, the week of May 4 is hereby declared Star Wars Week on The Upstairs Archives! There will be something from Star Wars every day of the week, and hopefully something to satisfy all tastes, whether you be Star Wars geek, casual fan, or even the rare person who has never seen Star Wars. I may try my hand at some poetry, but what I mainly hope to do is to get the Shifting Tides series back on its feet.

Also, Professor V.J. Duke has suggested that I do some sort of celebration when I get 100 follows on my blog, not to mention the 1-year anniversary (which is in August.) So I put the question to you, my dear readers: What sort of celebration would you like?

So that’s all the news for today, people. Thanks for reading, and God Bless!


Eww, beer. I can’t stand the smell of it either. πŸ˜›