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Hello, everyone!

It has been quite the debate on what to post today, since tomorrow is the beginning of Star Wars week and I wanted to post one more thing, but I didn’t know what I wanted to post. After long deliberation, I decided to give you a heads-up about what I plan to do in the future–the very near (hopefully) future.

Now, this has been an ongoing project, but I have finally gotten to the point when I am able to unveil my plans… *sinister laugh* Special thanks to the Professor, of the Punchy Lands, and PorterGirl of Secret Diary of PorterGirl, both of whose work was an inspiration to me.

My original dream for my website was that it would be set up like an actual, real-life archives, with a welcome page (still have not figured out how to do that… *sigh*, a set of shelves filled with different stories (categories!), and then the actual Archives itself–the room where you could curl up with a latte and just read, in the company of other beings. Now, at long last, that dream is finally beginning to be realized, with you, my readers, being introduced one by one to the inhabitants of my mind palace.

Selay’uu is an ancient Shendi word meaning “the people”. According to legend, it is the name by which the first people to inhabit the lands in which my stories take place called themselves. People, which is basically what this blog is about. Essentially, it’s about these people who live in my mind, and hopefully, in future, in the minds of my fans. So, after much thought, I have decided that these collective stories will be called The Archives of Selay’uu.

Please, tell me what you think! Also, what categories should there be in the archives? (I mean, what sorts of posts do you want to see more of?) Comment and tell me!

Minor Blooper of the Day: Did anyone else notice how, when Aladdin reaches for the lamp (Jafar has it), he goes to his turban when he left the lamp under a pillow on his bed after throwing a temper tantrum (the lamp was subsequently stolen by Iago)? Seriously, dude! Where’s your presence of mind, you idiot?!

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!