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And now, for all you fans of Satine out there, a piece starring her. Obi-Wan makes a cameo and has one line. This is probably not quite correct in portrayals, but it was what wanted to be written. Enjoy!

The rose garden was Satine’s favorite place for a reason.
Here, she could forget the harsh, barren landscape of the blasted desert beyond the city’s glass walls, even forget the densely-populated, modulated, regimented city. Here, she could imagine that she was back at home on Kalevala, the fourth planet of the system, where she had been born.
Satine walked slowly along flower-lined moss paths, looking down at one particular so’kale bulb. Its leaves were brown and withered, its flower gone before its time. It had been beautiful, and now it was gone, forever. Satine fell to her knees beside it. It was lovely, and now it was dead. It was a perfect metaphor for her life as a peacekeeper. It wouldn’t last.
There was scarcely a sound as the young Jedi dropped to his knees beside her, gracefully folding into a half-sitting, half-kneeling position. “It’s not dead,” he said, softly. Long, graceful, elegant fingers caressed the dead leaves; Satine watched, entranced, as the Jedi coaxed the green spikes from the bulb; it grew and blossomed before her eyes. The Jedi turned to face Satine momentarily. “Just asleep,” he said, a smile twitching at one corner of his mouth. Then he rose and walked away.
It was the first time Satine thought that they might be alike.