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Wow, 100 follows… 4,016 views… that’s doing pretty good, I think. Celebration time!

You know, when the webmaster looks at log-on stats, I think I’m probably most of them, if you know what I mean. Normally, I’m pretty good about remembering my passwords, but at times I mis-type with the best of them, and then the (much rarer) times when I can’t recall my password, and the worst days of all, when I can’t seem to even get my security question right! (Yeah. Severe.)

I guess that when the webmaster looks at the site stats, when I’ve had one of those horrible days, it looks like someone has been trying to hack that account.

A very clumsy hacker.

Which leads to the question, clumsy stupid hacker, or clumsy stupid normal citizen just trying to get back into their account, or clumsy above-average citizen having a very bad day?

Because bad days happen. (Yup, it all goes back to politics. ;-P )

And because even Charles Wallace gets migraines.