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Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that the dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that the dragons can be slain.

~~~~G.K. Chesterton


Two days ago, I posted a poem I called Mocked Guardian, and I asked people to guess its inspiration and its meaning. Some guessed it was situations from stories (specifically involving Obi-Wan). No. Others guessed it was a life experience, or a dream. Not quite.

Mocked Guardian, in essence, is a collection of themes from nightmares, certain stories I’ve read, and life experiences, but there is a broader message.Β Mocked Guardian is a commentary on a trend in popular culture, something that is all too common today; the destruction of all safeguards against evil, and the defamation and vile slander of all childhood heroes. You could say it was the outcry of a man’s silent, boxed-away conscience; it could be the ignored guardian angel whose existence is denied. It could be the lament of an Aragorn whose necessity is denied, along with the existence of real, present, vicious evil. It is also the cry of pain of a child whose heroes are cruelly ripped away and defaced, while the villains are glorified. It is a nightmare in which all the heroes have been removed, all the protectors have been banished, allowing the myriad evils of the world to come down in shrieking hordes, ripping, tearing away like harpies, bringing fear, while the undefended children have not so much as a Rosary to fall back on.

But it is also a ringing cry of defiance, a rallying cry, a lament with a background message of hope.

To me, storytellers! To me, lovers of art, literature, and fiction! To me, lovers of history and lore! Don’t let them take away our heroes. Keep fighting. Because if we don’t protect our heroes, who will?

If you don’t agree with this message, if you feel attacked, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to attack you. Like Galadriel, I’m not dangerous myself. You brought your own danger along with you. And if you feel attacked… this is some friendly advice… maybe it’s time to drop the baggage?

And to those who don’t believe in moral absolutes, no offense, but your ideas are a boatload of eggsy moonshine!

About the picture: The above drawing is sort of related to the poem. Only sort of. Depending on your point of view, it’s either a nightmare Obi-Wan had a few months after his master’s death on Naboo… or it could be a Star Wars and Wreck-it Ralph crossover fanfiction that I haven’t written yet. You decide. πŸ˜‰

I know that the proportions are wrong, and the line thickness is somewhat distracting and also a bit too variable, but compared to some of my other art, it’s pretty good. I still need to practice my poses, and drawing shouting people and crying people and people in despair, etc., though. πŸ™‚