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My proposal to study in Camelot was accepted! I am so excited. I can’t wait until I get to go! As I write this, it’s Monday (which means that my proposal was approved in one day. That’s quick work for Mistress El’ye, especially considering that she had to contact Merlin, Gwen, Gaius, and Arthur in order to check things through. I had expected to wait at least a week for her to get back to me.) However, it probably won’t be posted until later this week, as there have been a few issues with the internet in the Selay’uu mansion. (The most commonly suspected culprit is Anakin; however, I’m inclined to disagree. He’s affected by the loss of internet the same as the rest of us, and he’s too addicted to posting his Angry Birds high scores on Facebook to actually consider destroying our internet connection. Personally, I think it’s probably the fault of Morgarath and Morgoth, who have also been torturing us with the similarity of their names, and Vilu Daskar. Obi-Wan is working with Quinlan, Sherlock, John and Lestrade to covertly investigate. The perpetrators will probably be put to a punishment so awful they will never ever dare to cross the Council again. Also, the punishment is said to be unspeakable, which is a bit of a paradox, isn’t it?)

Anyway, I can leave as soon as I’m packed, provided that Obi-Wan, or possibly Scotty, can get me over there, but I’m planning on taking the rest of today to say goodbye to all my friends after I pack, and then leave early tomorrow. There’s even an element of uncertainty, because Obi-Wan says that while he’s fairly sure he can get me to Camelot, within a few miles of the city, I may end up anywhere in the realm and have to make my way to the city on my own. Of course, being the reckless adventurer I am, this is only making it all the more exciting for me!

Frodo and Sam, being the sweet people they are, planned a whole farewell party in the courtyard. Pippin turned up rather shamefacedly, apologetically replacing the cake, which he had shared with friends last night by mistake. Will came, and Tug came as well, which Halt found rather annoying. Everyone else thought that the pony was good company, though, and Tug was given an inordinate number of apples over the course of the evening. Every time we gave him one, though, Tug would just give Halt this knowing look, which most of us found hilarious. Halt took it all in his stride. It’s pretty much common knowledge that he is secretly amused by his apprentice’s antics, and occasionally–occasionally–this extends to his apprentice’s pony. I carried away the prize at chalk drawing, narrowly–surprisingly enough, it was Halt who was giving me a run for my money. Also, I think Gilan and Xanatos must be related. I mean, they act nearly exactly alike. Though I think Halt would say, “The world can only bear one of you, Gilan.” Anyway, all of my original characters were there, except that Klis was missing (again.) She needs rescuing so often, it’s not even funny.

And then I realized that for some reason, Captain Kirk had my cell phone. I had to go retrieve it. (Doctor McCoy was quite the help, there.) On second thoughts, it was probably Anakin who left it in his room, and I’m just being too harsh a judge. Still, I risked my life in there… I kid you not. Unlike the dinky little room you see on the Enterprise, there is neither rhyme nor reason to this room. Seriously. It’s like Iris’ mind, times five exponential. Or the room she was living in for the last year or so before she moved, onlyΒ worse. (For those of you who have never seen Iris’ room, it was right under the eaves and already half-way in use as an attic, for storage. There wasn’t even room for an actual bed–she just put a mattress on the floor and a comforter on top of that and called it good. A certain distance over, there wasn’t enough room for me to stand up straight. And it was like a maze, with the bookshelves and boxes and all.) I supposeΒ Kirk thinks it’s orderly, but honestly? I’m a practical sort of girl. I don’t do mess. Unless it’s my laptop or next manuscript in there, next time, I am never risking going in there again. And if I ever have to go in there again, I’m getting an official reprimand for the Captain. I don’t care what they say about bedrooms being a reflection on their owners. There is no way Kirk’s head is that crowded!