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Yesterday (Tuesday) was exciting! Exciting, complex, and busy, as a matter of fact. And I’ve only just begun my internship. If every day is like today, I will never be bored while I’m in Camelot.

Early in the morning, I got up and went to say my last goodbyes to my favorite people. Though I’ll be in and out of the chateau fairly frequently, this is probably the last good talk I’ll have with them in a while. Faramir, being the gallant person he is, offered to carry my suitcase down from my room for me. I’ve never been able to really say no to him, so I let him do it. It seemed to make him happy, and I could tell his wife approved, so I guess it’s a win-win situation all around.

We got to the war room (which is one of the names we call the experiment room; the others are, in no particular order, the testing place, the disaster area, the mess-which-it-is-forbidden-to-clean, and that-which-shall-not-be-named, among others.) It’s a huge, long room that seems to extend the whole length of the house, in the old section of the house that has not been built over in centuries. There are a few doors along the sides, each leading into a different room. It may have been used for a hallway once, or it may have been a gallery of some sort, and there’s evidence in a few places of demolished interior walls, but now it’s just called the experiment room. It is the one room in which we are allowed to do anything we like, anything at all, so long as it doesn’t hurt another person. It’s not a lab, so you’re free to safely blow stuff up there. (I’ve had to practice my magic and Force talents there, since they can be unintentionally destructive.) It’s a great place to perform unpredictable experiments. It’s the one place where paintball wars and indoor archery tournaments and other tournaments, the kind where we partner up and ride at the ring on our partners’ shoulders, are permitted, and sometimes we even strip long pieces of the wallpaper off, when we’re in bad moods. One time, Iris and I painted it all zebra stripes and then blamed Horace. Good times… Anyway, it’s also the only place indoors where we are permitted to begin tessering procedures, or to portal into other worlds, except in the case of invasion or emergency (such as the Harry Potter fiasco.) Pfft, what am I saying? An invasion is practically an emergency! If the Harry Potter lot break too many walls, then we could end up with a broken space-time continuum, or the barrier between matter and energy could be destroyed, which would force a rapid leap forward in intellectual evolution for the human race to survive at all. (Complex Doctor Who stuff, ask Iris.)

There was no hitch in portaling to Camelot. I found myself in Albion, a few miles out from Camelot. I could see the city’s spires in the distance. I began to head toward the city; before I could get far, Merlin, who had probably been waiting, came out to meet me, and we headed back towards Camelot together. The country surrounding Camelot is picturesque in the extreme. The deciduous forests are interspersed with pine and spruce; the terrain is somewhat rocky, but nothing I’m not accustomed to, what with all the hiking I do.

Camelot is a busy city, and it’s not nearly as dirty or squalid as some people seem to think that it should be. The people are welcoming (most of the time,) and when we walked by there was nobody in the stocks (I’m sure all of my readers wanted to know about that!)

Anyway, Merlin introduced me to Gaius. (He’s a nice man, he only pretends to be cantankerous.) And then, we all got down to work. At least, we tried to…

We were in the middle of reading the treatise on the origins of magic and the history of magic theory when Merlin was called away. Arthur was going to have him clean up the stables, and I sort-of just trailed after him. It was sort-of my fault what happened next, as well.

I startled Merlin. And he blew up the stables accidentally by accident. (Sir Leon was not too happy about that.)

It just happened that there was cake for desert at lunch. They brought in five big ones–everyone just happened to be eating lunch at the same time, together… and I blew up a cake in the Prat’s face accidentally on purpose. (This time, Sir Leon was amused.)

Then Merlin and I went back to studying. Gaius had some wisdom to offer (he told us that to be a knight is not the only honorable calling), and I pranked Kilgarrah with a typo turkey, and got to visit Balinor, and it was just epic! ^_^ I’m writing about it all in my journal–I will post about it as soon as I can get a decent Internet connection. Hopefully I will be able to post without having to use the free Wi-Fi at the tavern where Merlin never goes. Well, if Merlin and I can get my service to work, I shouldn’t have to.

[Archivist’s note: Tonight I’m posting from in Gwen’s room. She doesn’t–technically–have Wi-Fi, but for some reason this is a mobile sweet spot. Thanks for reading, all!]