Sorry about the mess, my editor hates me now, apparently…
Anyway, I’ll also have to apologize for the absence. It’s been ridiculous lately. Hopefully I will be around more often now. With that in mind, this one of my awkward attempts at free verse… hopefully it works out well. Tell me who you think the characters in the poem are. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy!
To Those Who Stay Behind
You, the rootless wanderer,
With no place truly that is home,
You stand beside your guardian’s last command,
Breathless, on the edge of the abyss.
Take courage.
All this shall pass you by. You shall learn peace of heart.
Wisdom will be your guide always.
Though you feel helpless now, there are millions you have aided.
Millions more wait in the future.
The last wishes of your father will give you direction.
You will find your feet again, though you can not see it now.
You stand out of ashes, the weight of the worlds on your shoulders.
Take it now.
Guide the child from the dark.
What you have always held, raise it now.
Do not fear the flame.
A fire to heal, a warmth to protect,
A light to all the nations.
Do not hide it under a bushel. Let it shine.
The child beside you; guard him well,
The wide-eyed wonderer, gathering all the worlds in his palm,
Fireflies for your delight.
You, with the weight of the worlds on your shoulders
Now hold the fate of those worlds between your hands,
And do not look back, though you still feel lost,
Look to the child beside you,
The curious, wide-eyed wind-carried dandelion wool
With all the worlds cupped in his hand,
Who once was you.