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No, not the flippin’ movie.

Because while ice can be beautiful, it is generally a symbol of death, or evil. After all, someone with a frozen heart=a villain. (Which is where Frozen gets crazy confused.)


Standing frozen in the doorway

Each breath seems to take more strength than I have

Keep on breathing

Don’t think. Try to move

Breathless as it strikes again and again


And I’m powerless

Rearing up with outstretched claws from the dark

And takes me

Back into the darkness

It’s cold.

I’m frozen.

Demons bleed out from the edges of the sky

Blood red

Like blood on snow

Thin threads of red through ice

And seize whatever they can reach.

I want to scream

My voice is gone

And I still can’t cry.

Silence now.

Nothing but the crack of stone

And splintering of ice.

I wait for dawn

But it won’t save me.

I’m frozen.

The ice always wins in the end.

Guess who… teehee… I’m on a poetry kick, it seems. ;-P