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Oh, sorry. It’s been so long since I made a journal entry, I’d almost forgotten what they look like…

That was a joke, by the way.

So, to recap:

  1. I saw The Avengers.
  2. Will and Horace went out to celebrate Horatio’s twentieth birthday along with Connor, Gervaise, and some of the other guys. (Yes, our intrepid commander just turned twenty! In the mind palace, that is. Timelines seem to get all muddled here.)
  3. Obi-Wan has been away for a while, due to (I think) copyright conflicts. No, wait, it was family stuff. Sorry. (That was sort of a bad Disney joke. I think.)
  4. The Avengers have mostly taken up permanent residence in the mind palace.
  5. Tony Stark tried to get Hiccup and Steve Rogers drunk. He didn’t succeed. (Which is surprising, since according to Astrid, Hiccup can’t take an awful lot of alcohol, but Hiccup’s clever; I’m sure he and Steve had Steve distract Tony while Hiccup only pretended to actually drink.)
  6. As a result, I (acting deputy for Mistress El’ye) made it official: Tony’s “adult rights” are officially revoked, since he acts like a toddler.
  7. Kirk flirted with Natasha. He woke up tied up in Obi-Wan’s room (this was while Obi-Wan was gone) with me interrogating him. It was such fun…

This morning, since it snowed, I woke up early. Well, it’s kind of hard to stay asleep when you have Dibbuns bouncing all over you, screaming, “IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED!” And guess what? It did snow.

And more than two inches.

No, the snow was deep enough to require the use of nice, high boots.

Naturally Obi-Wan, Horatio, Will and I got into our snow gear and went off to shovel our walks. We snowballed Loki when we saw him, and I taunted Loki (bad idea, in hindsight) that he looked like Horatio when he was in snow gear.

I ended up with an icicle down my back, but at least I got to sit on Loki until he surrendered. Though he promptly got up when I let him up and threw me in a snowbank. Cheater.

Horatio went to get cocoa while Obi-Wan and I finished clearing the walkways. Once we were done, Obi-Wan went to start a fire in the fire pit (outdoors), while I spent a while sliding down one of the banks in the garden on my front. I already had snow up and down both my back and my front. What was a little more?

Then Siri, Natasha, Pepper, and Evanlyn came out of the side door, all bundled up. I can only describe them by saying that Siri PWNS floppy hats with pompoms, while I’m bewildered by how anyone can lookΒ that good in a Parka. (Because apparently, Pepper can. I’m not quite sure what Natasha was wearing, but it looked like she’d semi-permanently-borrowed it from Clint. Evanlyn was wearing a similar outfit.

Pepper went back inside to see what was taking Horatio so long with the hot drinks, while Natasha headed toward the kitchen gardens to see if any of the late vegetables were still salvageable. That left myself, Siri, and Evanlyn alone. Bad idea.

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somehow, Siri and I cooked up the idea of stealing Cap’s shield to use as a sled. So we did, aided and abetted by Evanlyn.

Turns out, vibranium can really enhance a slide. Some of that ride was hair-raising. And IΒ still have no idea how we managed to fit all three of us onto one saucer.

But the absolute best part, other than the adrenaline, whooping, and screaming, was Cap’s face as three girls whizzed by, riding on his shield through the snow.

And then we crashed, but who cares? We convinced poor Steve (really, shouldn’t he know better than to listen to us by now?!) to try it next.

I love my life.