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Because something happened during class this afternoon that was well worth sharing, I think.

There was a bit of a bother today, because neither the mouse nor the keyboard of the computer in the lecture room was working, and the mouse that got borrowed so that the lecture could continue turned out to not want to connect either, so the teaching assistant loaned her computer, but that didn’t have the huge HDMI port, so we were stuck. Oh well.

But when the professor was wrapping up his lecture by asking us to fill out our course evaluations (yes! It is that time of year again! Bah!), the TA squeaked. Or squawked. Or shrieked? I think it may have been a combination of the three… anyway, we asked her what was wrong. And she said, “There’s a mouse!” And the professor (not THE professor, sorry, my professor, who is a doctor of journalism studies I think?) said, “Of course there’s a mouse–it’s right here!” Of course, all of us students cracked up at that. It took the doctor to realize we meant aΒ rodent mouse, not a computer mouse.

There are fun moments to be had in college after all, right?