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Well, I can’t call it much else, can I…?

Okay, first and foremost. This is the better of the two drawings (I kind of like it better…) I know it looks a little off, the perspective and proportions are wrong, but… first attempt, right?

You can't see this drawing? Okay, that's... really sad...

I hope this one doesn’t need any explanation. Media used: Colored pencil and pencil on sketch paper.

Wow, I haven’t used simple pencil and colored pencils in a long time… how does it look to you all???

And next up, we have another drawing I did while on my break at work a few weeks ago:

This one's black and white. You're not missing much.

Now, who does this look like? Heehee… Media used: Pencil and sketch paper.

This originally wasn’t supposed to be you-know-who at all, but as I was drawing it took on a sort of anime look, and, well… in my defense, Tom HiddlestonΒ does have that sort of a face!

I know it looks kind of wrong, but I was trying to draw someone else in profile, and, well… this happened. It’s still sort of a work in progress, but I think it looks pretty good as a rough sketch. Also, the dark smears around the edges are deliberate. I had to up the contrasts so that His Glorious Porpoise would actually show. And then I decided I like the feel it gave the picture with the smearing…

Yes, I finally drew Loki.

You’re welcome, Internet.