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Yes, I did borrow Proverbs31teen‘s theme. Heehee. I promise I’ll put it back when I’m done with it. ;-P

Well, if I may, I shall direct you to a certain evening in Stuttgart…

The point I am hoping to make with this, other than Why in Midgard is Loki speaking English in Germany?! Why not just German with English subtitles!?, is the quote “In the end, you will always kneel.” and the old man’s response, “Not to men such as you.” It’s a brilliant piece of dialogue, if you think about it.

As David Foster Wallace noted in his “Kenyon Commencement Speech,” everyone has to worship something, be it power or kindness or wealth or in the context of religion. All we have to choose is what to worship, since we have no choice but to define what is important in our lives. In the end, we will always kneel. The question is, to what? Wallace goes on to state that choosing religion is a fair choice, since “pretty much everything else will eat you alive.” I say that that’s because being worshiped is for God only, and when things don’t follow the natural order, they tend to become twisted and perverted.

(This is why I love Captain America: )

And look what happens later in the movie! Loki tries to take over as a self-proclaimed god.

And… gets himself whopped.

I don’t know about you, but God uses men as his tools, so I think that’s pretty much a divine intervention. 😛