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Okay, I watch HTTYD 2 a second time, and this happens. It’s a double-drabble, of sorts…

Enjoy! (I was thinking of writing a companion piece, but that’s shelved until I can get the ideas a little clearer in my head.)

The Weight of the Name

                Over the years, I’ve been called a lot of things. Useless. Dragon master. Peacemaker. The pride of Berk. But none of those I’ve ever felt were really mine. A nickname is never earned. It’s stuck to you like a label to a package, and as anyone who’s opened a barrel of what’s supposed to be flour only to find it’s full of sheep’s wool can attest, labels can be misleading.

It’s confusing to be a hero. Other people honor you when you yourself don’t know what there is to when you yourself don’t know what there is to honor. It’s hard to understand why people like you when you yourself aren’t sure at all of what it is you have.

And maybe that’s why I only want to be called by the only name gifted rather than stuck to me. Maybe it’s because it’s only when I’m humbled beside true greatness that I can see clearly. I have no glory of my own. I must ride on the wings of those who are greater than I.

There is only one name that holds any meaning for me. There is only one name to which I will answer.

Hiccup Stoickson.