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For Brothers

For all brothers everywhere

On the front lines and back home

There is not one heartstring tied

That will ever come undone.

For every laugh you share

For every smile you try to hide

Every time you stood up straight

And told the other guy “step aside.”

For all brothers separate

By death or cruel fate

For every tear you drop alone,

For every hour you wait.

You feel each other’s every pain,

You know each other’s heart.

For every one who lieth slain,

For the lives that didn’t start.

For all brothers bound by curse

To nightmare deep and dark

For every tear you shed awake,

And to the silence hark.

The elder can not sway his hand,

The younger named a traitor’s stand,

Pray destiny the wheel may turn

And take you back to your homeland.

To all brothers far from home

Alone, on watch, tonight

I hang a prayer on every star

To pierce the sky with light.

Until the Watch-Star leads us home

From all the trials of war

We shall tell the tales and carve them in stone

Of all you who’ve gone before.

This poem is dedicated to all brothers everywhere, whether by blood or in spirit, and especially our boys in the military. I pray every night that God will keep them safe.

Obi-Wan and Anakin

Steve and Bucky

Martin and Gonff

Thor and Loki

Will and Gilan

Horatio and Archie

Brothers not by blood, but by heart.

Remember them.