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I just noticed something. But rather than tell you, I think I’ll show you:


Okay? You know who those guys are, right? Well, if you were paying attention in Iron Man (and even if you weren’t while watching Captain America: The First Avenger), you’d know that the first one is Dr. Yinsen, incidentally the guy who saves Tony Stark’s life in the first couple minutes of the movie and helps him ultimately escape (oh, did I forget to say “spoiler alert?” Whoopsie…), and the second one is Dr. Abraham Erskine, the man who created the supersoldier serum and who was instrumental in making Steve Rogers into a superhero.

What the flaming kerfuffle, Marvel?

I’m noticing a pattern here. Scientist person. Key to the early character development/hero’s journey of the central character. Gunned down early in the film.

The guy with the glasses always dies. (Except for Brucie, but he’s a central character. He doesn’t count.)

I hope this isn’t a pattern. I was enjoying the feeling that Marvel movies were unpredictable.

Ladies and gentlemen: legitimate Red Shirt of the Marvelverse. The guy with the glasses.

(And now that I’ve, hopefully, made you laugh, here’s something I found while out browsing the web that hit me right in the feels.)

oh, look! Guys in parkas and someone lying frozen solid on a table!

These guys are going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE when SHIELD finds out that Steve was actually aware of them the entire time. It was in the flashback–he remembers it! *cries* Poor guy… *sobs wildly*

i dont know if anyone cares

*cries* No. Just… no.

He froze to death and he remembers it.

People, that’s just too much… *goes to cry in a shrubbery*