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Because I could not stop at one post today and Iris is not currently near a computer to read my email and I’m flailing around waiting for The Winter Soldier.


The Soldier’s Prayer

Red star for death, silver for light.

The pale ghost stands against the knight.

Pawns hover on the sidelines screaming,

Broken from their complacent dreaming.

No fear, no pain, no dreaming grace;

Seeking, finding, another place,

Hope rises to be crushed by an iron fist,

Terrors rise by chaos kissed.

I can’t forget, I must relive

Once more pour out all I can give

But once more it may not be enough

And I can’t see what a diamond is in rough

I want it back, wish I had died

Worthless all the tears we’ve cried

We could imagine, we could pretend,

But this path only leads to the end.

Red star for death, silver for hope,

Teeth gritting, against a straining rope.

I won’t back down, I will not bow

Only God holds this solemn vow.

Red star is dying in the night,

Self-destructive terrifying sight,

But will another replace it tomorrow?

All future sight is veiled in sorrow.

We could imagine, we could pretend,

But I’m not blind to this desperate end.

Red star for death, silver for light,

Please Heaven don’t let me fail this fight!

…okay, that started as a commentary on how a red star is a great metaphor for Communism, since a “red” star is a dying star, and Communism as a political system is inherently flawed and self-destructive, but then Steve stepped in and turned it into a more emotional thingummy than just a philosophical musing. *punches Steve in the arm* Thanks a lot, I really do like you but sometimes you just do unexpected things to me! Like throw a wrench in my perfectly good plot outline… *sigh*