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Because there’s a song and I’m trying to find it but I don’t think anyone has made a fan video for it yet. (Actually, it’s two songs, both called “I’m Still Here” and both might work. But one is my favorite. Anyway… any video editors out there, please take notice: I want one for the Captain America fandom.)

And also because Steve Rogers believes in hope, above all else.

I have nothing more to say.

Put Down Roots

                I’m here.

Perhaps the most often-asked question is “How are you coping?”

I don’t know the answer.

But my feet are on the ground, and the sky is the same. It’s a lie that smog was not so bad in the past. It was just fueled by different things. If anything, it’s gotten better rather than worse.

There are still problems, problems we’re working past.

There is still right and wrong. Things are complex, but then, they’ve always been.

Some roots do not wither and rot away with time. They simply go far too deep.

And the wise tree puts down new roots all the time. Never mind that it hurts when heartstrings are cut. Never mind that time tests us all.

Time is for growth. The future is for hope. We still have a chance about the might-have-been that still should be.

And because of that, I’m still here.