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Yes, I watch Marvel’s Agent Carter. I regret nothing!

This is based on the episode before last. Enjoy!

Deadly Indifference

                Emotion was a useless waste of energy, inefficient and messy. It was the prerogative of mere humans, and not something she would ever indulge in. Indulging only ruined one’s usefulness as a weapon and made you feel sick afterwards.

She could admire, she could feel—or pretend to feel. But that would not get in the way of her mission. It would not get in the way of following orders.

So when she said “You sound like Captain America!” she pretended to admire the man, if only for his determination and disregard of his own safety in furthering the interests of his country. At the same time, it wasn’t because she was awed by the wisdom of Peggy’s words, or that she actually felt any genuine admiration for America’s war hero, or for Peggy. No, she did it because that was what was expected of her. She felt nothing as she spoke of America’s golden boy, who had given his life in a meaningless cause.

She was not “Dottie.” She was the Black Widow, and she did not hate

Until she killed.