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Proverbs31teen has nominated me for the 777 writing challenge.

Basically, you scroll down to the seventh page of your WIP, count seven lines down, and post the next seven lines in your reply. Here’s mine!

The girl beside me—clearly just out of college—actually did yawn, then caught herself self-consciously. “When are they going to open up the doors?” she asked. “It’s chilly out here.” I shrugged.

“I don’t know. One thing you can be certain of, though—it will seem like a lot longer than it really takes.” She laughed.

We were only two in a crowd of reporters, waiting for the press conference that would begin in hopefully a few minutes, as soon as the police were done with the scene.

Technically, this is actually really another Colorblind sample post… 😛

And now, I nominate:

Irisbloom5 (if you’ve seen this before, then go seven more pages down to do it 😉 Or you can just add my name to the list of nominators and do it once.)

Sheikah (I really want to see what you’re working on! 😉 )

Rachel Carrera

Professor V.J. Duke




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