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Okay, this snowballed.

I can’t remember which couple I was going to write to at first, so I ended up just writing to several of my favorite ships. And I’m supposed to be working on a novel! Um… oops?

(Yes, my college-and-work schedule is majorly breaking up my writing schedule. *sigh*)

Dear Pepperony,

You two are just the sweetest thing! You have the best romance I can think of right now, and you’re even realistic–you both have problems holding up your ends of the relationship, it’s sympathetically portrayed, and you keep on going despite the odds.

Pepper, I don’t know how else to say this: You. Are. Awesome. Somehow you put up with Tony, who could try the patience of a pantheon. Greek or otherwise. In my book, you outdo just about everyone at being awesome, despite not-really-having-superpowers (unless you count the latter part of your third movie.) And even when you panic, you tie us all down back to earth–you’re more than just fiction–you’re a person too.

Tony… I don’t even know what to say to you. We have major differences, sure, but I think that you certainly overcame them with your convincingly and enjoyably told story. I was sort of surprised that I loved your character as much as I did. Your story is certainly a great one about overcoming adversity. (I’d love to work at your Stark Industries, too.)

Your devoted fan,


Dear Siri and Obi-Wan,

You two…

I know you spent much of your lives simply as friends and never really had a chance at romance, but I still ship you two. (Even though I’ve never really written the two of you romantically, except by hinting very vaguely at it.)

Also, I think it’s pretty funny (and so sweet!) that Siri is pretty much the only one who can consistently take Obi-Wan down a couple of notches. Without even a hair out of place. (Girls rule!)

And Siri, I’m still in denial of your death.

Your ever-loyal fan,


Dear Peggy and Steve,

I don’t even know where to begin.

Your story is just so tragic–about as tragic as it gets without someone turning entirely evil and madly murdering everyone else in the family like Darth Vader.

The temporal displacement is certainly the saddest part–a long-distance relationship has nothing on the pair of you.

Still, I think it’s important to remember that, even while you were separated by time, the polar ice caps, and death itself, you still drew strength from your memories of each other.

Stay strong.




Dear Connor and Alex,

Your ship is very new. In fact, it’s not even been published yet. And I did not even see it coming.

Alex, you just walked into the story and stole the stage in your cameo, so of course I had to continue writing about you. But the part where you become Connor’s possible potential love interest? That came out of the blue.

Still, I think you two actually fit pretty well together. I just hope I don’t ruin it–to warn you in advance, I couldn’t write just romance pure and simple to save my life.

I should probably go to someone else for tips…

Your affectionate author,


P.S. Next time, just don’t spring it on me like this! GAH! *throws a punching bag at the wall*


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